Terms and conditions:

Delivery Period:

Allow two weeks after the submitting the required info.

Information Required:

Logo: Business/Company Name

      Preference of colors or symbols or any such

Business Card: Details that have to go on the card

Letterhead : Same as above

Web Design : Text content for the 6 or additional pages

      Images if any or ask for assistance

      Contact details

Additional Features:

Priced as displayed or our standard rates of $30 / hr apply.


3 Business days for minor edits.

5-10 for major changes.

Payment Terms:

Unless stated, an upfront invoice is paid by the client on acceptance of the proposal/quotation.
Two revisions allowed after providing demo url or design. Additional changes will be billed as per our standard hourly rate - $30 / hr apply.

Website Maintenance:

Small Biz Enter does not provide maintenance unless mentioned in the customized packages. Development requests will be charged at hourly rates.

Device compatibility:

Unless responsive design is part of the proposal, Small Biz Enter does not guarantee browser compatibility across all devices. Responsive designs are provided within the technological limitations of our standard design and development tools.

Third party software:

Small Biz Enter cannot guarantee that any third party software updating in the future will be compatible.


Unless specified prices will be exclusive of GST. We comply with the standard invoicing system.


Client warrants Small Biz Enter that client has ownership of the content or images that have been provided to us. If the images or content are bought by Small Biz Enter on behalf of the client, on payment of the complete fee, the client owns the text, graphics and content. Small Biz Enter can purchase images for the client on request.


Small Biz Enter may display the Client details in the portfolio section of their works or website.

Limitation of Liability:

Small Biz Enter is working for the client on the information provided by the client. Small Biz Enter is not creating the information for the client. Small Biz Enter will not be liable to any damages or loss suffered by the client because of the website design or for any third party involved.

Client Responsibility:

The client remains responsible for the content on the website inclusive of but not limited to all the text, image, video and promotional material.